• Why should I choose to tell my story to Ross Parry Agency?

    As one of the most respected agencies in the business, Ross Parry Agency has a fantastic reputation within the media. Magazines, newspapers and TV companies know they can expect a great article from us, which is legally sound and already has all the information they need.

  • Why shouldn’t I go directly to a magazine or newspaper?

    Dealing with the media can be a difficult business, especially if you’ve got lots of companies fighting for your story. Because we deal with all the magazines and newspapers on a daily basis, we can act as your agent, making sure you are paid the most money possible and that your story is told your way.

    People may feel that they will get more if they deal directly with the magazines. This is not necessarily the case. At Ross Parry Agency we deal with the magazines and national newspapers every day so we know all the tricks of the trade that can command the best deals out there. Also, for every magazine that contacts you because they've heard about your story, there will be dozens that haven't! Which is where we step in, creating more interest and competition between them, resulting in the best possible deal for you. 

  • How much money can I expect to receive for my story?

    You can be paid anything from £100 to £2000 upwards for your story, depending on what it involves, how big the magazine would use it and who’s interested in it. Magazines and newspapers will make offers to us for your fee - the more companies that are interested, the more money you can expect, as they start to bid against each other.

  • Will Ross Parry Agency take a cut of my fee?

    Absolutely not! We are paid separately by the magazine or newspaper for writing the story. Once we’ve agreed your fee with you, you’ll receive the entire amount after publication of your story – no strings attached.

  • Will I have to sign anything?

    Yes, magazines and newspapers will usually want to tell your story exclusively, so you’ll have to sign a contract agreeing not to speak to any other media until after your story has been published. This contract also puts in writing the fee you will be paid, so it’s in your own interest to sign to safeguard that money.

  • Do I have to be identified and have my photo taken?

    There are certain circumstances where your identity can be concealed – for example if you have been a victim of crime and there are legal or personal safety implications. In these cases we’ll take every step to make sure your identity is protected.

    However, generally most publications will expect you to pose for photographs and provide pictures that are relevant to the story. We have a professional team of experienced photographers who will put you at ease, and some magazines even offer a full makeover, including clothes, hair and make-up, before a shoot.

  • How does the interview process work?

    Once you've decided to tell your story, one of our feature writers will arrange an interview at a time and place convenient to you. Unlike a lot of other agencies, we concentrate on stories on our news patch, meaning we're able to go out and meet our interviewees and provide a more personal service. Interviews usually last around an hour, depending on the story, and at Ross Parry Agency we guarantee you’ll be treated as a person, not just a number, in the sensitive and professional manner you deserve.

  • How can I be sure my story will be told the way I want?

    At Ross Parry Agency, we realise your story is about your life, so we want you to be happy with how it’s told. We always offer a full read through of every feature we write before it is submitted for publication, that way you can make sure it is accurate and you are completely comfortable with it. We won't press the send button to the magazine or newspaper until you've given us the go-ahead.

  • Will you use my story without asking my permission?

    No, we will never publish your story without asking you first. Some stories can be published in more than one magazine or newspaper and we often have interest from TV shows such as GMTV and This Morning. But we’ll always contact you to discuss what you want to do and negotiate the best deal for you, before agreeing anything.

  • Can I refer a friend to you?

    Yes! And you could earn yourself £50 if your friend’s story is published.

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