Happily Feather After - Duck thinks painter is his MUM

Ross Parry Pictures

ROSS PARRY SYNDICATION: A decorator who found a duck egg at work was stunned after it hatched - and the duckling that emerged now thinks he's his MUM and follows him everywhere.


Ian Lamble, 51, was working at a flour mill when he found the egg in an abandoned nest in a dusty corner.


The egg was among ten hatched eggs which had been left behind by a mother duck and her chicks.


Ian popped it on a heat pad and was the first person the young duck clapped eyes on when he emerged.


The duckling - called Pumpkin - immediately thought he was his mum and now follows Ian everywhere he goes.


Painter and decorator Ian, of Driffield, East Yorks., said: “The mother had ten eggs but she left one of them behind. All the eggs hatched out, apart from Pumpkin, and the nine of them followed the mum.


"Pumpkin may have been the only one left behind but he's survived and is doing really well.”

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