Heel Hitler - pup looks like the Fuhrer

ROSS PARRY SYNDICATION - Despite Patch the puppy having an uncanny resemblance to the famous Nazi leader his owner said he doesn't share any of the dictator's personality traits, calling him a "gentle soul".

Clare Whitehead, 38, said: "I never noticed the resemblance before but once I did I couldn't get it out of my head."

A dark mark on his top lip mirrors the Fuhrer's famous moustache and another large brown area over his left ear completes the look.

Full-time mum Clare said: "He couldn't be further from Hitler, he is a really gentle soul, an absolute sweetheart.

"If anything he it he gentlest of his brothers. His brother Buster would be the nearest, he is slightly more aggressive."

The mum-of-three said it wasn't until about a month ago - when her sister Ellie, 47, put Patch's pictures on Facebook and noticed his likeness to Hitler- that Clare cottoned on.

"It's just really strange. My sons call him Hitler and Adolf but I'm not going to change his name, we'll stick with Patch.

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