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  1. UK’s largest independent press agency continue to dominate online
  2. Woman Learning To Read At 87 Ditches Traditional Books In Favour Of A Kindle
  3. Mum ‘Lost Unborn Child’ After Crashing Through Faulty Staircase That She Had Previously Reported
  4. Woman Left Homeless After MacBook Pro Caught Fire And Burnt Down Flat
  5. Britain’s Oldest Butcher Fears Family History Dating Back 160 Years Is Facing The Chop
  6. Bride-To-Be Shocked After She Bit Into Hard Boiled Egg And A ‘Diamond’ Fell Out
  7. 11-Year-Old Autistic Boy Told He Would Never Talk Finds His Voice Thanks To Olly Murs
  8. Drunken Hen Party Reveller Picks Fight With Bride To Be In Front Of Fellow Plane Passengers
  9. Bride-To-Be Forced To Postpone Wedding After Mystery Illness Leaves Her Blind At 23
  10. Dog Becomes First To Have Life Saved By Protective Suit Usually Worn By Olympic Athletes
  11. Britain’s Most Dedicated Lollipop Lady Who’s Crossed The Road One MILLION Times Will Hang Up Her Hi-Vis After 45 YEARS
  12. Baby Born With Organs Outside Her Body Saved After Being Wrapped In CLINGFILM
  13. Heart Breaking Last Lecture By Teacher Robbed Of Voice By Degenerative Disorder
  14. Young Lad Who Could Recite The Alphabet At Two Wants To Be An Astronaut
  15. Man Recovers Camera That Spent Six Months In The Sea – And Tracks Down Owner From Photos
  16. Rugby Player Back On The Pitch Nearly Two Years After His Last Game – When He Was PARALYSED In A Tackle
  17. Four-Year-Old Girl Fighting For Her Life After Cough Turned Out To Be Cancer
  18. Gifted Lad Set To Become One Of The World’s Youngest Orchestra Conductors – AGED 11
  19. Mum Fuming That Son’s School Forced Him To Start Shaving Every Day From 12-Years-Old Because He Had Stubble
  20. Comic Book Mega Fan Changes Middle Name To SUPERMAN After Collecting World’s Largest Collection Of Memorabilia
  21. Amateur Photographer Captures Stunning Shots Of A Barn Owl In Norfolk
  22. Mum Hosts Exhibition Of Son’s Secret Artwork – Which She Unearthed After He Died Of An Overdose
  23. “Disease Face” – Girl Who Had Horrific Acne As A Teen Beats Trolls To Become Beauty Queen
  24. Stunned Commuter Spots Seven Nuns Sitting At SEVEN SISTERS Station
  25. Touching Moment Cancer Patient With A Passion For Primates Is Visited By A Real Monkey On His Death Bed
  26. Schoolboy Recreates ‘Brownlee Brothers’ Scene As He Carries Fellow Runner With Stitch Across Finish Line
  27. Depressed Man Who Wanted To Die Has His Condition Cured – By MAGNETS
  28. Woman Fundraising To Get A New Nose For Her Dog
  29. Mum With Incredible Voice Belts Out Hits Between Bottle Feeds And Gains Thousands Of Fans Online
  30. Royal Mail Refuse Delivery To Entire Street After Postie Was Chased By Pensioner’s Tiny SHEEPDOG
  31. Care Home Cuts Number Of Falls With ‘Luminous Loos’
  32. Father Gutted To Hear Outcome Of Daughter’s Inquest On FACEBOOK After Coroner Moved Date Without His Knowledge
  33. WATCH : Woman Branded A ‘Dunce’ At School And Struggled With Illiteracy All Her Life Learns To Read At 87
  34. Young Woman Claims She Was Turned Away From Boots Interview Because She ‘Wasn’t Dressed Conservatively Enough’
  35. Five-Year-Old Girl Who Released Balloons On Her Birthday Stunned When They Reach GERMANY
  36. Builder Paralysed In 30ft Horror Fall Walks Again Thanks To £50k Robot Legs
  37. Shocking Dashcam Footage Captures Yobs Racing Horses And Carts On Busy Dual Carriageway
  38. Community Centre Bosses Ban Mobility Scooters Over Health And Safety Fears
  39. Bus Mad Toddler Given VIP Tour Of Depot Centre On His Birthday
  40. Security Guard Praised After Risking His Life To Disarm Knifeman Threatening To Behead Victim At Mosque