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ROSS PARRY SYNDICATION: One of the world's most recognisable boozers is calling last orders after The Woolpack pub originally used in hit soap Emmerdale found itself without a landlord.

The iconic pub was featured in the popular soap up until 11 years ago when the filming location was switched and it was bought up as a genuine local.

But the decision of Nichola and Richard McGrath to prematurely end their lease on the legendary pub has forced it to close its doors to thirsty punters and tourists flocking to the famous watering hole.

The 177-year-old Woolpack, situated in the original location for Emmerdale of Esholt, West Yorks., is now in desperate need of a new owner if it isn't to follow the 40 pubs a week nationwide which are being forced to shut their doors.

Although the Woolpack’s role in the ITV1 soap finished when filming was moved to the Harewood estate, it has not deterred visitors who still flock to Esholt from as far away as Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

A bank manager who sketched plans for her boyfriend to carry out a 400,000-pound raid at her former branch cried as she was led to the cells after being convicted of robbery.

Rachael Shariar-Namini, 23, was told by Judge Sally Cahill QC she could face a substantial prison sentence after a jury returned a majority verdict on Monday.

During the four-day trial the court heard how Shariar-Namini provided the inside information for boyfriend William Wormald, 26, during a night out.

He and Darren Ashcroft, 38, used the knowledge to climb into toilets through the first floor roof before carrying out the robbery at the NatWest branch in Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorks., on March 9.

The masked men, one with a crowbar, took 371,691 pounds in cash which was in temporary storage awaiting collection by a Securicor van.

The court heard how a plan of the bank was found at Ashcroft's home after the raid.

Wormald, Ashcroft and David Cowie, 32, who provided a getaway car, had already admitted robbery. All four will be sentenced at a later date.

ROSS PARRY SYNDICATION: A one-armed pensioner stunned playing partners when he scored an incredible hole-in-one with his special back-handed drive.

Harold Gilmore, 65, lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident in the 1960s but took up golf five years ago when he realised he may still be able to help fun despite his disability.

But Harold, who plays off a quite modest handicap of 24 and has an artificial replacement arm, never dreamed he would be able to hit the magical ace.

Harold struck the 135-yard, one-handed drive with a seven-iron from the second tee at Bridlington Golf Club, East Yorks., using his left hand - his naturally weaker side.

Initially, Harold, of Hornsea, East Yorks., thought the ball had landed in a bunker. But he was astonished when his playing partner discovered the ball in the hole.

Retired carpet manufacturer Harold said: "When I hit the ball I thought it was a good shot and it might be around the flag."

ROSS PARRY SYNDICATION: An eight-year-old girl needed 175 stitches to repair these shocking injuries to her face and head when she was mauled by a dog after its owners told her she could stroke it.

Sky Barker was playing out last Thursday evening when she asked the owner of a Japanese Akita if she could pet the animal.

But the dog, which was tied to a wall, leapt forward and grabbed her head in its mouth as she approached it – yet, a week on from the attack, the animal-loving youngster doesn't want the mutt put down.

Her father told how Sky survived as she was able to roll beyond the reach of the animal and the emergency services were called.

She was rushed to hospital for an operation and received 60 stitches to the back of her head, 85 in her face and 30 inside her cheek, which could scar her for life.

Akitas are not listed as dangerous dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act so the police say they cannot force its owners to have it destroyed.

Footballer Joey Barton has escaped a conviction for speeding - even though he admitted driving more than 20mph over the limit.

The 27-year-old Newcastle United midfielder, who denied the charge on Wednesday, used the same excuse he used to get off another driving offence last year - that he hadn't received an initial notice from cops.

Barton was caught by average speed cameras doing 71mph in a 50mph zone on the A1 near Rainton, North Yorks., in his Range Rover just before midnight on September 10 last year.

Prosecutor Alison Whiteley told Skipton Magistrates Court that a notice of intended prosecution was sent to Barton's address in Widnes, Ches., on September 15, but Barton denied receiving it.

Gwyn Lewis, defending, said there was no evidence that the initial notice of prosecution, which had been sent by first class post, had ever been received.

Magistrates agreed and Barton was found not guilty after the bench had deliberated for less than an hour.

A little boy who has been unable to eat since birth is finally enjoying tucking into culinary delights after he was saved by Granny's chicken stew.

Four-year-old twin Harrison Cooper-Jones was coaxed out of an extreme form of starvation therapy when he was faced with Antoinette Cooper's family favourite recipe.

The Cooper stew has been passed down for generations and now Harrison faces a brighter future thanks to the homely mix.

Harrison's problems began when he was born with a malformation of the oesophagus.

An operation to fix the life-threatening condition when he was two-days-old didn't work as the scar tissue left behind meant he suffered severe reflux and he couldn't keep anything down.

Despite an operation when he was two-years-old, in which medics attached Harrison's food pipe directly to his stomach, the psychological damage was done and Harrison could not face food.

The family have been in close contact with the charity TOFS which support families whose children have Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (TOF) and Oesophageal Atresia (OA). The charity have an awareness week from September 11-18.

Pest control experts from a council have played down claims that giant rats are plaguing an estate.

Bradford Council, West Yorks., said it had found no evidence of their existence, following reports that a 30-inch rodent – dubbed "Ratzilla" – was shot dead.

But residents in the area claimed to have seen rats as long as a loaf of bread and others they have mistaken for cats.

Florence Howell, 74, said: "I didn't know what it was at first, I thought it was Angela's daughter's cat and it had caught a mouse but when it turned its head it was a rat.

"It must be all this digging involved in the new houses that started this, some of those houses have been derelict for eight years and when they started excavating them, the rats moved out."

Kath Tompkins, 60, said: "We were standing out on the street about three weeks ago at about 4pm and this rat came up from near the front of our house, it was about the size of a loaf of bread."

ROSS PARRY SYNDICATION: The glamour girls of Yorkshire were dressed to thrill in a a dazzling array of flowers, feathers, ribbon and lace for Ladies' Day at the Ebor Festival on Thursday.

A bumper crowd of almost 30,000 people were enjoying the sunshine at York Racecourse, drawn in by the stunning parade of elaborate hats, brightly-coloured dresses and high heels.

They were treated to a dramatic afternoon of racing, with the favourite Sariska refusing to exit the stalls in the day's biggest race, the Yorkshire Oaks. Her great rival Midday romped home in first place.

But the horses had to take a back seat for most of the day as the ladies strutted their stuff.

Designer Yvette Jelfs, who sells her own handmade hats at Ebor each year, said elaborate hats and very short dresses were the most popular items.

"It's nice to see hats coming back," she said. "Fascinators seem to be running their course, which is good – hats show off more personality I think."

A bank manager provided inside information and sketched robbery plans for her boyfriend to steal almost 400,000 pounds from the branch where she used to work, a court heard.

Rachael Shariar-Namini, 23, allegedly drew up the plans during a night out at a hotel - enabling William Wormald and his accomplices to carry out the crime.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting at Leeds Crown Court, West Yorks., on Tuesday, told how Wormald, 26, and Darren Ashcroft, 38, climbed into a toilet through the first floor roof before carrying out the robbery at the NatWest branch in Hunslet, Leeds, on March 9.

The masked men, one with a crowbar, took 371,691 pounds in cash which was in temporary storage awaiting collection by a Securicor van.

The jury heard that days later Wormald, who worked in a builders yard, and Shariar-Namini went shopping in York where he used cash to pay for goods.

Shariar-Namini, of Leeds, denies robbery. The jury was told how Wormald, Ashcroft and David Cowie, 32, who provided a getaway car, have admitted robbery.

The trial continues.

This adorable two-year-old who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy which can see her endure 20 fits a day now totters round her home in a padded helmet so she can play like a normal toddler.

Little Emily Rendall was first diagnosed with mutation positive epilepsy when she was just three-months-old, and some of her more serious seizures can last up to an hour.

Her parents, Emma, 27, and Ian Chapman, 41, live in constant fear that she will injure herself wile having fun and have given her the helmet so she can roam around their house and garden.

The couple have also launched a campaign to raise money so they can modify the garden of their home in Grimsby, Lincs., so Emily can play outside safely.

Doctors have recommended that the severity of her condition means Emily should wear a padded helmet to protect her head if she fell during a seizure.

A number of fundraising events have been organised including Ian attempting a Coast-to-Coast bike ride.

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